White Coat Hypertension

Someone you know is probably afflicted with a condition that is generally known as white coat hypertension. Going to the doctor's office is far from fun, but you will find that in some cases, the tension that you feel can actually affect the results of your examination.

Have you ever been in the doctor's office to have your blood pressure taken and then been written up as having blood pressure that is too high; this essentially refers to the fact that the stress or dismay that people might feel simply at being at a doctor's office will affect the readings that the medical staff can get from you. Because blood pressure can be used to diagnose or pinpoint a number of things, the results can be fairly serious.

There is usually a fair amount of conflict that occurs in the medical community because of this condition. Some medical professionals believe firmly that blood pressure can be taken easily and effectively from any patient; while others feel that any reading taken in a doctor's office are apt to be wrong. There are far more health professionals who believe that the answer might lie somewhere in the middle. The issue becomes bigger with the need to root out white coat hypertension before you get a more aggressive treatment for high blood pressure.

Is white coat hypertension real?

The important thing that you need to be aware of is that it is situational and not at all indicative of your body's actual health. When you are thinking about high blood pressure and whether it is something that you need to work on, understanding what your blood pressure actually is, is essential. 

One thing that many people end up doing if they suspect that they have this issue is that they start taking their own blood pressure readings.

Doctor's Office

- In some cases, they will purchase a sphygmomanometer of their own, which they can take at home and independently. 

- Other people will regularly go to a drug store or grocery store that might have an onsite sphygmomanometer that they can use for a very small fee.


Your blood pressure is an important indication of your health and if you find that you are not able to give your doctor a good reading, you may be at risk for a mis-diagnosis or treatment that is unsuitable for your case. 

Take some time and think about whether this condition is an issue for you, and whether you can solve it through taking your own readings.

As always, it is important to take charge of your own care and consult the doctor to make sure that you get what you need.


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