What is Hypertension?

Before learning what is hypertension, let's review some facts. Each year a good part of the population suffer from the dangerous condition known as hypertension or high blood pressure.

The illness can boost the risk of other medical conditions like heart attack and stroke. 

Because hypertension is an extremely pressing and severe condition, it is essential to understand what is and what can be done to diminish your chance of getting diagnosed with this very serious condition.

Is important you understand that if you get diagnosed with hypertension in any moment in your life, you must have the knowledge of the treatments choices to keep in check that rising blood pressure.

There are two main types of hypertension:

  • primary

  • secondary

These can be diagnosed, and each will come with its own risk factors and treatment options. 

The first or main type of hypertension is the most common one and generally occurs in 90 to 95% of all the cases. 

The primary or main hypertension is the one that usually appear after several years and the particular origin of it remains unknown.

Checking blood pressure
The other type is called secondary hypertension and this condition can usually be related to a pre-existing condition. Kidney abnormalities and congenital heart defects are two of the common culprits in secondary hypertension. By knowing what is hypertension and learning what each of the categories are you will understand better your doctor's recommendations.

In the case of primary or main hypertension the treatment consists in lowering it by using medication preferably combined with a regime of exercises and dietary changes.


What is the best treatment?

Once you understand what is hypertension and its consequences and the type that you are diagnosed with, it is the best moment to move onto a treatment plan. Even if you are feeling completely healthy, it is imperative to bring the blood pressure to lower levels to diminish the chances of other medical problems. Your physician may determine to put you on a prescription medicine that will contribute to control your blood pressure level.

There are lots of different types of blood pressure medicine accessible, so the possibilities are very good that you will find a medication that you will be able to handle well and that is quite effective for your health problem. The prescription the doctor will recommend is very likely one that you will have to take every day.

Man running

Changes in your way of life

Diet, exercise, weight control and abandoning hazardous habits are generally also part of the treatment. Your physician can point specific suggestions for you in terms of these changes and which are the ones that will provide the most benefits. By understanding the true meaning of hypertension and the best ways to treat it, you will be on your way to lower blood pressure numbers and a healthier and improved cardiovascular system.


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