What Causes Panic Attacks

What causes panic attacks? There are many possible answers to that question but is important you understand what a panic attack is first. This kind of attack normally presents without a warning and can make you experience intense fear and anxiety. The typical attack generally last some minutes but there might be some instances when the attacks can last for hours.

Anxiety or panic attacks that can last hours are just many attacks that come one after the other. The intensity of them can vary. Some attacks only involve some sweating while others can be so extreme that you can pass out.

Panic attacks can affect you in many ways that you might not be aware of. Besides feeling extremely anxious there are other effects that can even endanger your life. The anxiety that you feel is followed by the release of some chemicals in the body that can accelerate the heart and increase the flow of blood to certain areas of the body. The major muscles of the body are the ones receiving most of the blood when it is severely stressed. Normally these effects are nothing to worry about but if stress is maintained for too long conditions like hypertension and heart disease might appear.

Other effects are temporary respiratory problems, blurred vision as a result of pupil dilation, headaches and even nausea.

Occasional anxiety attacks will not hurt you but if they happen on a daily basis your health can deteriorate. So what causes panic attacks? There are many factors but one of them is hereditary. If there is a family history of panic attacks you are prone to experience them.
- Some chemical imbalances can alter the brain chemistry and make you suffer frequently from these panic problems.

- Another factor that is sometimes overlooked is if you are a person that has sleep apnea. This condition can disrupt your resting and your brain chemistry as well.

- Panic attacks can also be caused by breathing too much carbon dioxide. High levels of this gas can make the body believe is suffocating which results in experiencing panic.

- Hyperthyroidism can also cause your heart to accelerate and make you feel like you are having an attack.

- Stress is the common denominator in most panic attacks; so controlling it is the key to prevent the panic feeling.


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