What Causes High Cholesterol

What causes high cholesterol without people even noticing is probably the everyday meals. The human body actually needs cholesterol to create the membrane of cells.

The excessive amount of LDL, (low density lipoprotein, known as bad cholesterol) found on the frequently consumed meals, can create a predisposition to several conditions.

Among the various functions of our liver, it produces the cholesterol that the body needs, but there are other elements that can affect this essential process.

High Cholesterol Risks Factors

High blood pressure and high cholesterol tend to go hand by hand, since the hypertension occurs when the blood puts a lot of impact on the blood vessels and too much cholesterol narrow the vessels because of the fatty deposits, highly incrementing the work of the heart. Genetics can also be a contributing factor on what causes high cholesterol levels as well as being overweight. As in many other health areas smoking increases the probabilities of having high cholesterol afflicting the walls on the vessels. Lack of basic exercise can also be another reason of elevated bad cholesterol.

Among the risks are developing some ailments such as: coronary heart disease, gall stones, stroke and even heart attack.

List of High Cholesterol Foods
  • beef
  • eggs
  • turkey gizzards
  • liver
  • lard (generally used on sweet desserts)
  • whole milk based products
  • pork
  • lamb
  • duck

Most processed food have high levels of bad cholesterol which in the long term is likely to appear in the form of some health condition that can be avoided if taking the right approaches for a healthier lifestyle. The daily intake of cholesterol is suggested to be kept around the 200 mg/dl.

However, there is debate over the acceptable healthy amount of cholesterol that an individual should consume between some of the experts.

Healthy Cholesterol Levels

If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, to achieve normal cholesterol levels you must primarily reduce the intake of organ meats. Eliminate the use of refined sugars, use brown sugar or organic maple syrup instead. A healthier alternative is to consume lean meats. Food that comes from plants like vegetables and fruits, don't have any kind of cholesterol.

Also use a natural butter spread (vegan, soy free), potato milk powder; these are commonly found on health food markets. The vegan foods have practically the same texture as regular ones and you can get accustomed to the flavors in a short amount of time since they are quite similar.

Consult your nutritionist about your cholesterol.


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