Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Some weight loss motivation might be necessary when you go through dieting. Losing weight can be a daunting task for some people. Most know that they have to be in a certain weight range to avoid many inconveniences. Doctors will often tell you that if you do not lose weight you will suffer from many conditions like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and heart disease.

You know that is true but as soon as you think of the process the desire to do it goes away. Even after you think how well you would look after losing the extra pounds, the thought of doing vigorous exercise sessions can turn your enthusiasm down.

The first thing people try to do when they desperately want to lose weight is to take one of the many medications designed for that. They normally start well losing some pounds in a short period of time; then realizing that the medication has started losing effectiveness plus a big amount of money has been spent.

Once you get to that point you start thinking if trying to lose weight is even worth it.

Regaining your weight loss motivation is not that hard but you must set a couple of small goals first.

- When you do small steps eventually you reach the big goal. One important detail you need to remember is that you need to establish a new eating diet and exercise regime to keep your weight in check.
- First you must keep in your mind why you are doing it and list all the reasons why you want to lose weight like being healthy and improve your appearance.

- Next you have to associate losing weight with something that you enjoy, not with a tedious activity. Because you will get very hungry when you try it, your weight loss motivation will be at risk and the temptation to eat some junk food will be frequent.

You can do this by rewarding yourself every time you get to one of your small goals. Having a group of friends or relatives that are trying for the same goal can also keep you motivated; is way easier to do it if you are not alone.

An important factor is to make healthy food taste good.

It can easily be done with the appropriate spices and seasonings like: oregano, onion, parsley, rosemary, garlic, coriander, and turmeric.

Potato wedges

A typical example is cutting potatoes into fries or wedges, then baking them in an oven with some extra virgin olive oil and garlic powder for about 45 minutes at 350°F (177°C).

You will not believe how good they taste and how healthy they are at the same time.


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