Weak Heart

One of the most prevalent cardiac problems is associated with a weak heart. A debilitated heart means that the pumping mechanism is impaired because of some underlying problem.

When a person has developed it they are suffering from a condition known as heart failure. The flow of blood becomes slow and inefficient. The heart becomes stressed and overworked which makes the cardiac muscles become tired and stretched out of shape.


In some instances cardiac failure is related to genetics or old age, but in most cases a weak heart is the result of:
  • thyroid diseases
  • coronary artery diseases
  • diabetes
  • hypertension


The most common symptom is edema in the lower extremities. A person with a fragile heart does not have sufficient circulation to support healthy tissues and cells in the lower parts of their bodies. This means that the fluids from the blood vessels are going to be able to escape into the legs, ankles and feet.
Edema is first noticed in the lower legs and feet, but this fluid retention can attack other body systems. Some patients will even develop edema in their lungs or abdomens. In severe cases generalized edema will involve the entire body.

Shortness of breath is another symptom related with the ailment. Patients with heart failure will also suffer from lack of appetite, increasing body weight and fatigue. Cyanosis (blue tone) in fingernails, toenails, lips and the tip of the nose may also be evident.

In the most extreme cases a heart transplant may be the way to go. Each year many individuals with weak hearts could be diagnosed with progressive cardiac failure.

General Treatment

Although medication may be suggested by your doctor, to treat the symptoms associated, there are other steps you can take to halt the progression of the condition. It is even possible to prevent cardiac failure from becoming an issue in your life.

A healthy diet and regular daily exercise are the best ways to prevent and treat heart failure and weakened cardiac systems. Following a healthy diet will help you keep your arteries free of blockages. That will improve efficient blood circulation in your body.

Exercising each day will alleviate stress and improve the strength of your heart muscles. Reducing the fats and refined sugars in your daily meals will help you reach and maintain your appropriate body weight.


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