Water Aerobics Exercises

The water aerobics exercises can help you maintain a healthy body. Those who have access to an indoor pool all times of the year can improve their shape by practicing aquatic muscle training. Even those who need aquatic therapy have found that recovery in water is much easier. Kids who learn how to swim in a pool get the exercise without even thinking about the benefits. Adults can use the water to tone, retrain and build muscle and lose fat in the process.

Even if you swim a few laps a day in a pool you are creating exercise that cannot be done outside of a pool. Water will not cause bruises but it will give you sore muscles, probably ones you haven't used in a while because of the actions associated with water aerobics. You can also benefit from the breathing exercises that you are required to do while swimming.

If you just like to get in the pool and play, you are still doing some form of exercise because of the water density. Playing raises your heart rate which helps to burn off calories and since you are in a temperature controlled environment you can exercise even more without sweating. Heated pools offer a relaxing effect to your muscles while you work them.

If you want to really benefit from water aerobics, contemplate the idea of getting into a class.

Instructors who teach in the pool know that water provides enough resistance that you can really get a good workout but you won't strain yourself. Your body knows its limits and when you get too tired its time to stop, endurance is different when you are in the water.

Moving your body through the water is the same as lifting a weight and if you use weights in the pool then you are creating resistance in four different directions, up, down, left and right.

Depending on which level you are at, water aerobics can vary from swimming laps to playing water basketball.

There are lots of exercises that you can do but if you stick with water aerobics in a controlled class then you can benefit with strengthening muscles that help to pull you along in the water. Since breathing is also an exercise its important to learn the proper technique.

Some simple water aerobics exercises would be moving your arms in a swimming motion while standing still.

You can have more range of motion when doing this exercise and it will help to open up your chest muscles while stretching your back muscles. You can even do some aqua jogging which will raise your heart rate and also give you great resistance. One of the best things about water aerobics is that you don't need any swimming skills. If you need, you can buy a flotation belt to help you.


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