Preventing an uncontrolled hypertension

Uncontrolled hypertension is one of the major health problems from which Americans suffer. This high blood pressure is caused when the pumping blood exerts a lot of pressure on the blood vessel walls.

If it continues to stay high, the blood vessels can be harmed. The brain, the heart, and other important organs can also be damaged.

One is going to be surprised to know that about 60 million Americans are suffering from high blood pressure. When your blood pressure goes beyond 140 mmHg, during the systolic reading and 90 for the diastolic reading, (which measures the pressure upon the arteries during the beating of your heart) you can be considered to be suffering from hypertension.

Uncontrolled Hypertension Symptoms

Many doctors consider uncontrolled high blood pressure to be one of the most lethal of silent killers, because many people do not know that they are suffering from it. They might have headaches or even dizziness but they do not associate those with high blood pressure. Another consequence (not a symptom) of very severe hypertension is normally a heart attack and even kidney failure or a stroke.


Blood pressure reading
There are plenty of centers where you can use multidisciplinary options and state of art options for uncontrolled treatment. This means that any pressure problem encompassing: cardiology, pharmacology, nephrology, surgery, and even endocrinology can be successfully treated.

Also, one needs to have easy access to the latest technology for monitoring and measuring hypertension.

Statistics say that about one fourth of people suffering from hypertension bother about making sure that the blood pressure is controlled properly, systematically and adequately.

Common misconceptions

1. One may not experience any symptoms during the first stages of uncontrolled hypertension. However, the progressive damage to all the blood vessels due to high blood pressure is going to show up as either a heart attack or a stroke. This type of high blood pressure can be kept under control through adequate blood pressure control, and optimal aggressive treatment.

2. A hundred added to your age equals your normal systolic blood pressure reading. This is definitely a myth, because a blood pressure of 180 for an 80 year old can cause him to have a stroke. The best systolic and diastolic combination should be lesser than 140/90 whatever your age is.

3. If your diastolic pressure is less than 90 mmHg; one can disregard the high systolic reading. Definitely a dangerous myth. A high systolic reading can predict a future imminent heart attack or a stroke.

4. Older patients suffering from uncontrolled high blood pressure do not take their blood pressure medicines regularly. A definitely wrong assumption. Older patients are more conscientious about taking their medicine, regularly. In the same manner another wrong believe about older patients not achieving the blood pressure target even after treatment, is also quite false.

The majority of the cases of uncontrolled hypertension consist of patients who are suffering from systolic hypertension. These patients keep in frequent contact with their health service providers and adequate healthcare facilities.


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