Different Types of Stress

Some types of stress are more severe than others. It is something that we all have to deal with at one time or another. While many might not realize it, there are different manifestations that stress embodies.

The condition is quite common because of the hectic life most people have. Having a clear understanding of the differences in the various forms can be helpful in selecting the right treatment. 

Types of Stress

Workplace Stress
- This form is so common we become complacent to it. That can be a huge problem since workplace stress can really wear a person down mentally. In the most serious scenario, it could become the beginning of violence.

Post Traumatic Stress
- When is derived from traumatic situations such as war action, crime, accidents, and other life threatening scenarios can be among the most difficult to contend with. Often, this is accompanied by traumatic flashbacks.

Distress Stress
- In some ways, this type is like post traumatic but not as severe. Generally, it entails nervousness, worry and a sense of dread. If not properly treated, it can evolve into despair.

Chronic Stress - This is not a specific type as much as it is the duration certain stress will embody. Some is short term and fleeting. The chronic one seems to go on forever without any alleviation.

This can weigh on the function of the nervous system enormously which is not a good thing.

Aside from these types of stress, when the holidays are upon us, we can become excited, frazzled and overwhelmed. While the season is supposed to be for reuniting and sharing with families, it can also be one of extreme tension.

General Treatments - How to make a stress ball

Dealing with stress is not the most enjoyable experience. Rather than deal with it, you could seek the option of a treatment method able to deal with the problem. Probably the best treatment would be of the preventive kind. If you are able to limit your exposure or completely avoid the causes, you are recommended to do so. 

For those that are not able to do this, it becomes necessary to take the next best steps for eliminating or at least reducing any stress. A simple process includes getting proper rest for anxiety. It is hard to reduce any types of stress when your anxiety levels are hyped by excess caffeine intake and lack of sleep. That is why getting diet and sleeping patterns under control are recommended.

Relaxing methods for reducing it are recommended as well. Such treatments may include traditional cardiovascular exercises. The exercises are intended to burn off the excess anxiety that leads to tension and more. They are also useful to get the mind off of whatever is causing it. When done with consistency, they can be effective and could also help with teenage stress.

Consult your doctor if your situation seems persistent.

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