Types of Heart Disease

The wide variety of different types of heart disease disorders is causing a lot of damage to a significant part of the population around the world. The number of people suffering from this type of illness has been increasing in the last couple of years.

Most of the people experiencing this type of condition have very unhealthy habits. The abuse of alcohol and tobacco has caused a great impact on the health of the people. The lack of exercise and the poor choices in our meals have also contributed to our declining health.

Now not all types of heart disease disorders come from unhealthy habits, some of them have a genetic component. There are many types of this condition but the most common are: congenital heart disease, coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, congestive heart failure and ischemic heart disease.

The congenital disease has a genetic factor associated with it. This illness is passed down in the family and if you have it is because you were born with it. If you mother, father, sister or brother have it there is a huge chance it goes in your genes. Even if that is the case it doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about it.

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Heart Disease Facts

One of the causes for this kind of disease is the habits of parents.

Parents that have unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol abuse have a greater chance of having kids with health problems.

Parents that also like eating too much junk food have a greater chance giving their children many diseases that can be prevented.

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Coronary heart disease is the most frequent of all the different types of heart disease. This condition is usually the result of too much fat in the arteries.

When the blood vessels become narrower as the fat builds up, the heart receive less blood and oxygen. High cholesterol levels and tobacco use are the main cause for this one. 

Pulmonary heart disease is a bit different. This condition is the result of a poor blood flow into the lungs. A person with this condition will experience shortness of breath and chest pain. This condition is extremely dangerous and should be treated as early as possible to increase the survival rate.

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The rheumatic heart disease is originated from a throat infection. The illness is not as common as the other types. If the throat infection remains untreated a rheumatic fever may follow. 

Congestive failure occurs when the heart is unable to pump all the blood necessary to the body. The disease has a small genetic component but in most cases alcohol abuse and eating high cholesterol meals are the ones creating the problem. Kidney problems, shortness of breath and an unusual increase in weight can be symptoms of this condition. Changing to a healthier life style can make a difference with this illness.

Ischemic heart disease is generally the result of coronary heart disease. The main characteristic of the disease is a reduced supply of blood to the organ.

Reversing heart disease could be possible with modern medication and natural remedies.

Many factors that increase the chance of suffering this disease are age, being a male, smoking and eating unhealthy food. Surgeries, medication and good eating habits are commonly used to treat the condition. As you see there are many different types of heart disease and most of them can be prevented as long you live in a healthy way.

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