What is Thick Blood?

The term thick blood generally refers to the condition known as hypercoagulability; is when the blood tends to be thicker than normal and clots occur more often than usual.

Normally the blood in the arteries has a certain thickness associated to it but if it is too thick or too thin there are going to be many health problems.

When it is too thin even the slightest injury can be life threatening as the absence of platelets will not allow the blood to clot which means an extreme high risk of hemorrhage for minor injuries.

When the blood gets too thick the opposite problem arises.

It starts clotting more often which can lead to blocked vessels. When the vessels get clogged the blood has a very difficult time delivering oxygen and the necessary nutrients to the different tissues of the body. If oxygen cannot reach the areas where it’s needed on time many more illnesses can appear. Strokes are often the result when oxygen cannot be supplied to the brain on a continuous basis.

Another problem that thick blood creates is that it forces the heart to work harder in order to deliver it to the different areas of the body. If the heart has to make an extra effort the pressure increases. A constant high blood pressure can damage the arteries further which can harm the kidneys and many other organs.

What makes it get too thick?

There are many causes for the hypercoagulability condition. One of the factors that can cause it is a genetic predisposition. In other words it can be inherited. Other elements that may contribute to the thick blood problem are tumors, injuries and infections. One aspect commonly overlooked in the thickening is the diet of the person.

Eating too many fatty foods that are rich in unhealthy saturated fats and bad cholesterol can narrow the arteries and make the blood thicker.

You can make it get thinner by taking some easy steps.

First is essential to change the eating habits. The consumption of refined and processed foods like: sugar, bread, cheese, some meats, sodas, etc. are among the top causes for making the it thick.

A diet with more fruits and vegetables is likely to decrease the amount of fat in the blood stream which leads to a thinner blood. Exercise helps greatly as well by improving the circulation and by eliminating toxins from the sweat.


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