Teenage Stress

In our society teenage stress can be quite common. Even if it does not seems like a big problem, leading a stressful life can create a disposition to a range of health conditions like insomnia and hypertension.

Also intense stress that is constant can cause depression, backaches and heart disease. Asthma and other illnesses in some extreme cases as well. An important part is to be able to prevent the situations that could start making teenagers uncomfortable and cause stress. Many times is just impossible to avoid some events and being able to manage the situations turns out to be fundamental for a healthy life.

Various Causes Of Stress In Teenagers

- Everyday teenage stress

The life of a teenager can be stressful at times. For example, at school some teacher could be very strict creating anticipated stress on the student before even entering a classroom. How the teen gets along with the other students can also be a factor of tension and nervous anxiety.

- Low self esteem

The self perception during the stages before maturing into an adult can play a major role as a stress source. Always point out the positive things to the teenagers as it will help them feel mentally stronger.

- Teenage pregnancy

The pregnancy in early years of life can be the immensely stressful since the teenagers have to manage the life an adolescent and also be good mothers and fathers for their baby. Obviously most teenagers are not prepared for the mental strain that taking care of a baby can bring.

It is important to have a talk with the teens about the future life they want.

Physical symptoms of stress

Teenage stress can often reflect on the body through some signs and symptoms. The teen might experience:
  • migraines
  • nausea 
  • pains
  • frequent irritability
  • feeling tired most of the time
  • continuous allergies
  • dry mouth

Sweaty hands, indigestion and palpitations
can also be an indicators of this well known ailment.

Stress management tips

The best way to prevent stress if possible is to communicate with the teenager and find out what is causing tension. One effective approach to lower stress is finding a hobby. After school the teenager could practice some kind of sport, drawing or music instrument.  

A basic tip is to reduce the processed sugar intake; too many sweets can make a young individual hyperactive and have a propensity to stress. Eating natural foods such as vegetables, fruits and drinking enough water is important for the body to function properly. Sleeping eight hours at night is needed in the development of children and teenagers as well.

Consult a doctor if you understand that your teenager is feeling severe stress and that the condition is conflicting with daily activities.


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