Teenage Obesity

Teenage obesity is a common problem affecting millions of adolescents around the world. Most parents are starting to be concerned about the life style of their children as they have noticed the dramatic weight increase.

Many years ago obesity wasn’t that big of a problem but with the proliferation of fast food restaurants and the long hours spent on watching TV; it has become something to really worry about. The hormonal changes that teenagers normally have to go through can get even more complicated when they are obese.

Self-esteem problems are normal during the teenage years imagine if in top of that they are seriously overweight; the emotional issues resulting from that can be quite overwhelming. Depression problems can appear as a consequence of teenage obesity. The perfect body images they see in commercials can make them feel even worse. The mocking they often experience from their classmates can certainly inflict serious emotional scars as well.

Obesity does not only affect the mind but the body as well.

A huge number of diseases are almost certain to appear way earlier than they normally do. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol levels are just some of the health problems they can experience in the upcoming years. Heart attacks and even strokes are possible around their younger years as an adult if the dangerous behavior continues.

All the fat consumed during the younger years tends to accumulate in the body tissue causing many diseases that otherwise shouldn’t be present. Adolescents should never have to worry about having hypertension and similar problems.

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There are many things that can be done to solve the problem of teenage obesity but they require a compromise from the parents as well.

Children will typically follow the parent’s footsteps; if they eat a lot of junk food their kids will do the same.

Parents should not only tell their kids to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, they must actually eat healthy in front of them so they learn good nutritional habits from a young age.

Physical activity is also essential to prevent obesity.

Parents should involve their teenage kids into some sports like swimming, basketball, soccer, biking, etc. If you can share some of the activities is even better as you use the time to create a close connection with your teenager. 

You can also reduce the amount of time spent in front of the TV and the computer to encourage a more active lifestyle.


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