Symptoms of Too Much Potassium

Symptoms of too much potassium can be related to serious health conditions. It is a metallic element very abundant in plants and animals. The cells of all living beings need potassium to work properly.

Potassium is an element very similar to sodium. They are both necessary and should be balanced for optimum function of the human body. These elements are used to create electric potentials that are necessary to activate the involuntary muscles like the heart.

All animals including the human beings need a good supply of potassium, otherwise many neurological conditions can appear.

So what makes it so essential?

This mineral is used by many muscles in order to work correctly. The circulatory system, the digestive system and the skeletal system they all need a good amount of potassium. The blood pressure inside the arteries needs a certain amount of the element to remain stable. Some studies have shown than a low amount of it could be a possible cause for hypertension. This is only in the case where a deficiency has been detected. The health of the bones is also very dependent on this mineral. Even when calcium has been known to be the one keeping the bones strong it needs a certain amount of other elements like magnesium and potassium to perform its task efficiently. 

You would think that eating all the potassium you can get is good; however, there is a limit on the amount you should ingest every day.

The recommended intake for the element is around 4700 mg per day. This is a big amount considering that for calcium the amount is approximately 1000 to 1250 mg.

Eating too much potassium is still possible, particularly if you take supplements; even with such high quantity generally suggested the element should be consumed moderately.

Symptoms of too much potassium can appear if you consume too much of the element.

- Vomiting is a common problem for people that ingest it in extreme amounts. This can also cause the loss of many other nutrients like calcium and sodium. A person that vomits frequently can eventually suffer dehydration plus many other conditions that can appear as a result of a nutritional deficiency.

- Diarrhea can also be present when consuming too much of the mineral. This is very similar to vomiting which can cause a significant loss of vitamins and fluids in the body.

- Kidney and heart problems are also related to the amount of potassium in the blood.

A person with a lot of the mineral in their bloodstream might be suffering from renal conditions. If the kidneys are unable to excrete the excess a significant amount can accumulate in the body.

The heart is probably the organ that has the highest sensitivity to potassium. Irregular heartbeats and palpitations might be an indication that your levels are too high.

Visit your doctor if you experience any of the previously mentioned symptoms.


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