Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Generally when people get older they begin noticing some of the symptoms of osteoporosis and there are many reasons for it. It affects many people around the world and it is a serious threat to both men and women. Because of the brittleness of the bones, thousands of people suffering from osteoporosis face a serious risk of damaged and broken bones.

Is common that mainly individuals with the condition are well into their sixties or seventies when they experience signs, although there are exceptions.

In order to prevent osteoporosis from striking you, it is vital to ensure that you consume sufficient amounts of calcium while you are still younger. Some of the symptoms of osteoporosis include fractured bones, severe back pain and inclined posture.

Various risks factors of osteoporosis

They can include: the gender, ethnicity, age, family history, other health conditions, being underweight, not eating enough or eating unhealthy foods lacking in nutrients (which could cause deficiencies), and lack of exercise among others.

Most of the people that suffer from the symptoms of osteoporosis end up breaking their bones easily, due to the fact that the bones are so porous and brittle that they cannot support the weight of the body. People with osteoporosis usually end up breaking bones at the slightest fall. Those who suffer from a very severe osteoporosis can break a bone simply by turning wrong or moving too suddenly.

Calcium is the main nutrient that is required for strengthening the bones and milk is not the only food from which you can obtain calcium. You can also get it from kale, broccoli, collard greens, spinach or sardines as well.

Aside from calcium, vitamin D is also vital for the prevention of osteoporosis.

Shredded tuna with carrots, onion - a source of Vitamin D
Fish is a good source of it such as tuna, salmon and sardines as well.

Also being exposed to some sunlight (preferably early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the damaging rays) can help in producing vitamin D, which is essential in the process of calcium absorption of the body.

Plenty of exercise can help to prevent the illness from setting into your bones; which is why it is vital that both men and women make an effort to have enough exercise as they grow older.

The more you can consistently exercise as you get older, the better chance you have of preventing the health condition.


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