What Are the Symptoms of Liver Cancer

The symptoms of liver cancer are plenty and must be addressed as soon as they are detected. This condition is very dangerous and like many similar diseases has its origin in toxins accumulated in the body. 

High blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases are other conditions that can appear as result of toxin accumulation. Cancer is a type of disease that can go undetected during the early stages. Symptoms usually appear after the condition has progressed for some time. This is a very deadly type with high mortality so early detection is imperative for treatment.

Types of liver cancer:

The primary type is called hepatoma.

In this type most of the cancer cells are originated from the liver. The liver is made up from several types of cells. They are the bile ducts, blood vessels, fat storing cells and liver cells. This type often metastasizes to the lung, kidney, pancreas, spleen and lymph nodes.

This secondary type is called metastatic liver disease.

The secondary type is the most common type of liver cancer and is the one that usually originates from another area. The metastatic liver disease generally starts as a cancer in another organ of the body. Once it spreads to the liver is often called liver cancer. Specific symptoms are not easily identifiable. 

Cancer in the liver is often caused by a long infection of hepatitis B. However, that’s not the only cause. Obesity, diabetes and untreated hepatitis C can give origin to the condition as well. Many pesticides, chemicals and oral contraceptives can also increase the chance of developing that illness.

The symptoms

Symptoms of liver cancer usually appear after the cells has spread beyond the liver which makes it very hard to diagnose. 

Some of the signs and symptoms associated with this condition are:

  • abdominal fullness
  • bloating
  • fever
  • fatigue

These symptoms do not have a clear cause and can be accompanied by pain the upper area of the abdomen, nausea, weight loss and vomiting.

Some yellow discoloration in the skin can also occur in the later stages. These symptoms are not exclusive of liver cancer and maybe be related to another type or any other severe condition. If you notice any strange symptoms, even if you do not think is cancer, go to your doctor; that way he can rule it out or begin a treatment immediately.


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