Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

The symptoms of gestational diabetes indicate a complication during pregnancy, which can cause a lot of changes to your body. In fact, the experience on each woman is different, there is no guarantee of what changes you might be facing as you wait for giving birth.

Basically, gestational diabetes develops in women who are not diabetic, but get afflicted with diabetes during their pregnancy. Diabetes occurs essentially when your pancreas is unable to properly produce use insulin. Thankfully, the majority of pregnant women do not suffer from diabetes, but somewhere between 3% and 6% of pregnant women do have to deal with this. More often than not this tends to show up after the fifth month of your pregnancy, but the good news is that you can expect the diabetes to disappear shortly after you deliver.

It is essential that you understand the risk factors that might lead to you developing gestational diabetes during your pregnancy.

  • Expectant mothers older than 30 tend to be at risk. 

  • Additionally, if you have a family history of diabetes you may also be at a higher risk than other expectant mothers. 

  • You may also develop diabetes during pregnancy if you have high blood pressure, have too much amniotic fluid or have had a previous episode of diabetes with a previous child.

Knowing the risks is one thing, but you also need to know what symptoms of gestational diabetes you should be looking for.

If you are dealing with:

- excessive urination
- too much hunger
- excessive weight gain

You may want to ask your doctor if you could be developing a case of diabetes during gestation. However, you must also realize that several expectant mothers who develop it do not experience any symptoms at all.

Once you have been diagnosed, your doctor will need to determine how the condition is going to be treated.

Much of the treatment plan is really common sense. You will likely need to have balanced healthy meals, have an moderate basic physical fitness plan and you will want to keep your weight under control as well. Additionally, you may need to monitor your glucose levels on a daily basis.

While any health issue during pregnancy can be scary, the diabetes is completely manageable. With some modifications to your lifestyle you can keep your health and the health of your baby in good shape.

Of course, if you have any concerns you will want to discuss them with your doctor to ensure that you are getting the best care possible.


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