Do you think that stress causes hypertension?

Stress is not something anyone wishes to deal with, but many people believe that stress causes hypertension. Of course, when people hear the word stress they assume that the word infers only to minor stress.

Often, this is actually the case in most situations. And, yes, minor stress is something that needs to be taken seriously. It is also critical, however, high levels of stress can induce problems that are far more serious and dangerous than minor levels.

In many cases, there is a link between stress and hypertension and this link should never be overlooked due to the potentially serious adverse health problems that may arise.

Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure. Some of the common expressions used to describe the relationship between stress and hypertension go along the lines of “I was so upset my blood pressure went through the roof!” These statements are generally used in a comical manner and this can lead to people not taking the connection between stress and hypertension seriously. But, regardless of how common these colloquialisms become, the truth of that stress causes hypertension is nothing to joke about. High blood pressure can dramatically reduce an individual’s quality of life.

Reasons to relax when possible

The heart, like all organs, can only handle so much stress before it starts to develop serious problems as a result. Hypertension puts a great deal of stress on the heart. This does not mean that one stressful day can result in severe problems for the heart. However, chronic stress will elevate hypertension levels which, in turn, will damage the heart over time. Many people do not realize this and don't take the steps necessary to deal with it.

It is also probable that some individuals are more susceptible to developing hypertension than others. When placed in seriously stressful situations, the body will have an acute stress response. A mild form of this could be a feeling of annoyance. For some, the severity of the acute stress response will be so dramatic that it can increase blood pressure and contribute to heart disease. Needless to say, those that experience such a severe response would need to seek professional help in order to alleviate the problems before they become potentially life threatening.

Possible cause
Stressed man
As much as some would prefer not to think of it, it becomes necessary to seriously consider removing oneself from a dangerously stressful situation. This is not always an easy task to undergo. If a person’s job is stressful, changing jobs may not be the easiest option. Such things must be taken into consideration. After all, in many cases stress causes hypertension and your heart health may be at risk.

Everyone must become aware of the problems that stress may cause to our health. Many times, those suffering from intense stress and hypertension will not seek the help of a physician. This can prove to be a gigantic error in judgment since severe health problems rarely get better without medical attention. Instead, they run the risk of getting even worse. That is why any symptoms of hypertension need to be taken seriously and should undergo proper treatment.


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