Causes Of Stage 2 Hypertension

Probably you have heard about stage 2 hypertension. If you haven't, then you will learn what it is and further information. The medical definition of hypertension says that it is a health condition where the systolic pressure is to be 140 or more; it can be monitored at home or office with a high blood pressure machine.

The systolic pressure is recorded when the heart is beating. And the diastolic pressure (the pressure recorded when the heart is relaxed (i.e. in-between heart beats) is 90. 

There are mainly 3 types of hypertension:

  1. Stage 1 or primary - This is when the reading is above 140/90.

  2. Stage 2 or secondary - This is when the reading is above 160/100.

  3. Severe - This is when the reading is above 180/120.


But... what is Stage 2 Hypertension

The causes of stage two hypertension is not known in the majority of cases, however, is generally believed that it is caused by various factors like sedentary life style, the lack of a healthy diet plan and stress.

It is a serious condition which requires medical care and continuous monitoring. So don't forget the doctor appointments.

What are some of the consequences associated with this stage 

Some of the initial consequences that result from leaving hypertension untreated are:

  • damage of kidney cells (this leads to a renal failure)

  • damage of the retina (this leads to serious vision impairment)

  • damage of arterial walls

  • strokes and heart attacks

  • heart failure 

Is there a cure to this condition?

Once you develop the condition, you need to keep a constant watch on it so you will know when it crosses the dangerous levels.

You would need to immediately improve your life style by including:

- at least 20-30 minutes for exercise on a daily basis

- begin a healthier diet

Healthy salad

- lower salt consumption (mostly found in processed foods)

- stop smoking

- stop consuming alcohol

- others recommendations by your physician

You would also need to have your medication as per doctor's instructions and check your blood pressure at regular intervals.


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