Spotting During Early Pregnancy

Many women can experience spotting during early pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of those stages in life that cannot be forgotten. A soon to be mother will go through diverse changes that will definitely change her life. In those 9 months of gestation she will probably feel different than before. Conditions like gestational hypertension, heartburn, morning sickness, anemia and insomnia could appear.

Something that frequently gets attention of pregnant women is spotting during early pregnancy.

About 25% of all pregnant women experience some kind of bleeding at the beginning of their pregnancy. The typical spotting occurs once the fertilized egg has been implanted. The endometrial lining of the uterus which is mostly made of blood might expel a small amount of it during the process.

Spotting and bleeding are slightly different

Spotting is a very mild bleeding comparable to the one that appears at the beginning of a menstrual cycle or the end. The color can vary from brown, red or pink. Sometimes it can be accompanied by cramping, fever and chills if this happens visiting your doctor is the most appropriate decision. Bleeding is similar to the amount of blood lost in a regular menstrual cycle which is a bigger amount than spotting.

There are other elements that might cause spotting, like vaginal infections.

A yeast infection or a bacterial vaginosis can cause inflammation of the cervix area. Once inflamed, it can bleed easily if a condition like cervical polyp is present.
A miscarriage is very possible if the spotting last more than a week and is accompanied by abdominal pain or cramps. In this case going to your doctor and getting an ultrasound is the best course of action. This test combined with other analysis will determine the safety of the baby.

Rectal bleeding is also possible during pregnancy

This problem is often caused by untreated constipation and can be easily confused with a sign of a possible miscarriage. Many women get scared when they see the blood and start panicking. The best thing to do at such situations is to be calm and go to your doctor for the proper examination.

Normal labor can also be a cause for bleeding. A vaginal discharge with some blood is possible just around the 37th week of pregnancy, if this happens going to your doctor is recommended as labor might be very close. Spotting during early pregnancy is not very uncommon but is best to watch it closely to prevent complications.


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