Smoking Diseases - How Dangerous Are Them?

Smoking diseases can be more dangerous than what you might imagine. Many smokers are not aware that the quality of their lives diminishes greatly when they smoke. People that smoke are likely to suffer from very painful and long lasting diseases. It is a bit uncommon for someone that smokes to suffer a sudden and painless death. Not only is that but their life expectancy is drastically reduced.

Only approximately 50% of all smokers will be able to reach the age of 70. There are many factors that can come in play to determine the total life expectancy of a smoker. Some of them are: the age at which the habit started and how frequent is done.

The smoke contains many substances that can not only damage you but the people that are close to you.

The fact that smoking is dangerous can’t be argued but to understand why is dangerous can help you to break this terrifying habit. First as you may know it contains a substance that can cause addiction so the process of breaking the habit can be quite difficult. Second it contains so many hazardous chemicals to the point that a good number of them are known to cause cancer. Finally carbon monoxide an important part of smoke; limits the amount of oxygen that can reach the lungs in the human body which can result in an almost infinite number of respiratory problems.

Smoking diseases are many but the most frequent ones are: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer, heart disease and cataracts.

The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the number one affliction that affects smokers.

This disease is more like a combination of 2 other conditions: emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Emphysema normally appears as the small sacs of air inside the lungs called alveoli get destroyed by the chemicals found in the smoke. Chronic bronchitis is a type of bronchitis that is recurring and leads to frequent coughing of blood and mucus. People with this condition have trouble breathing even when performing the most simple of tasks and in many cases they need oxygen therapy.

Lung and throat cancer are very serious smoking diseases that can be fatal.

The different types of cancer are without a doubt amount the top causes of death among smokers. The toxic chemicals in the smoke eventually turn most of the healthy cells into cancerous ones which leads to the formation of several tumors. These tumors can easily spread through the whole lymphatic system causing a major break down of the bodily functions.

Heart disease is also a very common problem affecting a many of the smokers.

Some of the chemicals found in the smoke are absorbed into your bloodstream constricting your arteries resulting in high blood pressure. At the same time the harmful chemicals can cause hardening of the arteries leading to the formation of blood clots. Once the blood vessels become completely clogged a heart attack is likely to appear. This condition is normally called coronary thrombosis. The cerebral thrombosis is another health problem that can appear when the blood vessels leading to the brain get clogged. Cataracts are part of the smoking diseases as well.

The toxins found in the smoke can get into the eyes causing macular degeneration. Blindness generally follows if the condition is left untreated.


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