What Are The Signs of Low Potassium

The signs of low potassium can you give an indication when your levels are too low. Potassium is an element that has many important properties. It is an essential part in the tissue of many organisms.

Potassium can be found in animals but is way more abundant in the tissue of plants. This nutrient performs a special function in the animal cells; which is to keep the balance of fluids and electrolytes in the body. This balance is very sensitive and must be kept to prevent health problems.

The human body cannot produce potassium so it must be consumed regularly to maintain an adequate level at all times.

A lack of this element can have severe ramifications for our health. One of the first signs of low potassium is fatigue. Since the element plays a major role in regulating the neuromuscular activity of the cardiac muscle; a deficiency can weaken the muscle resulting in frequent fatigue episodes.
There are many conditions that might cause fatigue but if you experience it, you better be sure that is not caused by the absence of an essential nutrient. Hypokalemia is an illness that results from a low potassium intake. The disease can also be caused by an excessive loss of the element as a consequence of diarrhea and extreme perspiration.

Some medications, like the ones commonly used to treat hypertension, might cause a severe loss of potassium also leading to hypokalemia.

The condition has many symptoms

For example, dangerous arrhythmias, pain and weakness in the muscles, very irregular heartbeat and a higher chance of experiencing confusion. Other lesser symptoms but still important are constipation, muscle cramps, general weakness, sometimes impairment of the skeletal muscle function, unusual drying of skin, glucose intolerance, salt retention and edema.

Once you recognize the signs of low potassium; you can take the necessary measures to eliminate the problem.

Avocado, banana and potatoFortunately potassium is very abundant in the soil and many plants posses a high concentration of it in their fruits.

Foods like potatoes, bananas, oranges, spinach and avocados can be a good way to obtain the important nutrient.

Some people choose to consume potassium supplements to achieve the desired intake, however, the natural sources are often the best solution.

The body tends to absorb more efficiently the minerals coming from foods than the ones from supplements.


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