The Signs of Anemia

The signs of anemia are sometimes very clear for anyone that knows about them. Anemia is a condition that can range from being almost harmless to life threatening. The condition involves a very low amount of good red cells in the blood.

As a consequence a person suffering from the illness will have a low level of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein in the blood cells that carries oxygen to the tissues in the body. Oxygen is vital for our bodies so if too little is being delivered to the different organs; a lot of problems will appear.

There are many different types of anemia; depending on the type the condition could be either mild or extremely dangerous. The most common type is the one related to iron deficiency. This one can be easily treated by following the appropriate diet and sometimes with the help of supplements. On the other hand sickle cell anemia is a very serious genetic disorder that can affect considerably the life expectancy. Treating this type is not an easy task and could involve bone marrow transplants. Anemia can be caused by a wide variety of diseases or injuries. Signs of anemia are quite easy to identify but you must pay attention to them.

Identifying the causes

Anemia can be caused by many things. People that have suffered accidents or severe injuries are prone to experience anemia due to blood loss. Some medications affect the body’s ability to produce red blood cells causing some forms of anemia. There are also many chemicals used in the industry today that are very hazardous and can create this condition. A great number of the most dangerous types of anemia are caused by external agents like radiation or chemicals. Nutritional deficiencies can also create this problem but usually those forms of mild anemia can be treated in a simpler way.

Signs and symptoms

The signs of anemia are simple but they should be noted. Fatigue, pale skin, dizziness, irregular or fast heart beat and chest pain are some symptoms of the condition. Little endurance is also related to the illness. The lack of oxygen in the body tissues may cause the person to get tired easily and perform poorly on almost any task. Abnormal menstruation can also be another sign. Anemia can also create several complications in your health like ventricular hypertrophy. This is a heart disease that occurs as a result of the heart working too hard to pump enough blood to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the blood.

High blood pressure and other heart problems can also arise due to this health problem. If you experience any of the symptoms previously mentioned go to your doctor immediately. Early treatment can make the difference.


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