Frequent Shallow Breathing

Shallow breathing is quite common in these modern times. Today people breathe just the minimum amount of air required in order to live, too busy with work and other things to even have in mind the breathing process. Breathing correctly can be considered as essential as eating proper meals, sleeping well and exercising.

It is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle but many people do not understand how significant is to breathe properly and the consequences of ignoring the fact.

You might ask, how is that breathing better can actually improve the quality of life? By understanding the role of oxygen in your body.

Our bodies need a good amount of constant oxygen to work and the process of getting the oxygen is known as breathing. Shallow breathing only allows us to get the bare minimum to live and for that very reason many people suffer from a wide variety of conditions. High blood pressure, fatigue, headaches, heart disease, asthma and nervous breakdowns are just a few of the health problems you can get by breathing incorrectly. Fortunately you can solve that problem very easily and is completely free. Deep breathing can give you way more benefits that you can imagine.

Deep Breathing Benefits

When you breathe deeply you can get an additional 30% of oxygen in your body. That amount of extra oxygen can make a huge difference in your life. The extra oxygenation can: give you more energy to perform all the activities you do in your daily routine, decrease the fatigue and mental stress, reduce faster the levels of carbon dioxide in your body, reliefs the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis, improve the blood circulation in your body, lower your blood pressure, reduce the strain on the heart , calm the nervous system, help to balance the brain, strengthen the immune system, reduce the chances of edema, help you sleep better, rejuvenate the cells of the body and improve your overall mood.

Avoid Shallow Breathing

You can avoid breathing incorrectly by getting used to deep breathing. There is an easy exercise you can do improve your breathing. You don’t need any special place to do it. The only thing you will need is a chair. You begin by sitting on a chair then proceed to put your hands on your abdominal area. Next you inhale deeply through your nose filling your abdominal area first then following and expanding the chest. Finally you exhale through your mouth by contracting your abdominal area first then you work your way up until you arrive to the chest.

Try to practice this exercise as often as you can; you will notice a huge difference in your well being soon enough.


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