Learn about the risks factors of hypertension

The risks factors of hypertension are something everyone should know, especially now that there are many people suffering from this. The word hypertension can strike fear into the hearts of many. 

It is more commonly known as high blood pressure and it affects adults. The best treatment for the condition is prevention. Therefore, when it comes to hypertension, the best defense is knowledge.

There are two types of hypertension. The first is called essential hypertension and is the one that affects about 90% of all patients with the condition. The other is called secondary hypertension and results from another condition such as renal (kidney) disease, abnormal adrenal gland function and even sleep loss. Pregnancy can cause the condition to affect the mother and most times disappears after delivery of the child.

Essential hypertension is the most common one and usually has no identifiable medical cause. Many times, the condition is hereditary or is related to lifestyle, diet, alcohol abuse or a vitamin deficiency of some kind (usually vitamin D). Aging has also been shown to be a one of the risks factors of hypertension in the development of high blood pressure.

Other risks can include prolonged inactivity (sedentary behaviors), obesity (BMI over 25) and some genetic mutations. Sometimes, the kidneys can over produce a material and this is known to be another cause as well.

With all these risks factors of hypertension, how can you help to prevent it? 

Really some very simple answers are in order.

1. Eat healthy: include more fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily meals. Reduce the consumption of red meats.

2. Avoid using refined sugar; use natural brown sugar in moderation. This can help alleviate the overproduction of insulin.

3. Watch the sodium (salt) intake. Too much could raise your blood pressure.

4. Get enough sleep. Be careful with sedatives as some may elevate the blood pressure.

Couple taking a walk5. Get active. Go to a gym, do some gardening, take a walk, whatever you want. Just move your body around. It helps with the circulation and to keep the pressure down.

6. Do not abuse alcoholic beverages. Moderation is the key.

7. Excess weight is among the risks factors of hypertension as well. Obesity can complicate many conditions.

8. Smoking is bad for everybody, even more for hypertensive patients, so quitting the habit as soon as possible is a smart idea.

9. Watch the stress levels. Stress drives the blood pressure up. Keep stress levels as low as possible.

Hypertension, if left unchecked, can lead to heart attacks, strokes and many other conditions. 

Here are a few facts and hypertension statistics:

• From 1995 to 2005, hypertension deaths rose a staggering 52.5%.

• Approximately 74,000,000 Americans (in the US alone) over twenty years of age have hypertension.

• Normal blood pressure is about 120/80. If that second number goes above 95, get to a doctor now.

• In patients with hypertension, almost 40% don’t even know they have it, that makes it a silent killer.

• Hypertension and its residual effects kill between 55,000 and 75,000 Americans each year.

• Of white adults, 1 in 3 is affected. In black adults, the number rises to 2 in 5. For Hispanics, it is 1 in 5 and for Asians, it’s 1 in 6.


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