Renal Failure Symptoms

Renal failure symptoms can appear when the kidneys are having severe problems. The kidneys are very important and are responsible for executing vital functions. These organs take care of the blood by filtering it from toxic waste produced by the body. There are other kidney functions that are less known. They are also in charge of watching the balance of fluids and electrolytes in the body.

Blood pressure is also controlled through a hormone produced in the kidney.

If too much water is present on the body it will release as much as it can, so the urine will look clear. On the other hand dehydration will force them to conserve water so the urine will have a dark yellow appearance.

Dehydration symptoms

As you can see keeping the kidneys in good health is essential. Sadly there are many conditions that can damage these organs in many degrees. Renal failure symptoms can develop almost immediately or after a couple of years depending on the circumstances.

The condition can be acute or chronic

- The acute type will reflect symptoms almost immediately and can occur as a result of an accident or trauma, surgery, burn, allergy reaction, sepsis or an infection. Bees and other poisonous insects can cause a severe allergic reaction that can hurt the kidneys really badly.

- The chronic type can take years to develop. It can be produced by hypertension, taking some medications, diabetes, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease and even prostate problems. Unhealthy habits are mainly the cause for most chronic kidney problems.


A person suffering from acute renal problems can experience, nausea, vomit, anorexia, swelling and decreased urine output. In this case is vital to immediately go to the hospital to prevent irreversible damage.

The chronic renal failure symptoms can be very hard to detect at the beginning of the condition. Some weakness, lethargy and swelling might start to appear as the balance of electrolytes in the body starts to be affected. After that the acidity in the body can increase which can lead to organ failure as oxygen is unable to reach many tissues effectively.

Particular reasons for eating a low potassium diet

Dangerous arrhythmias can also occur as a result of the body being unable to eliminate the potassium excess. The increase in blood pressure due to excess fluid in the body can also result in congestive heart failure.
Other symptoms related to kidney problems are: weight loss caused by waste accumulation in the body, rapid breathing, mental function decreased as levels of urea in the blood arise, difficulty at urinating, blood in the urine, and diarrhea.

Treatment for Renal Failure

In order to control the condition the appropriate nutrition is needed. A low fat and protein diet can be very helpful to reduce the problems that might appear with kidney disease. Talk to your nutritionist about any dietary changes that you might need according to your condition.


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