Renal Diabetic Diet

A renal diabetic diet is generally used for people that have diabetes and kidney problems. Diabetes is commonly known as a metabolic disorder. 

The way your food is digested and turned into energy is related to the metabolism. After the food has been digested it will turn into a substance called glucose. Glucose is a type of sugar that serves as an energy source for your body. The cells in your body need the glucose to carry out their functions and to multiply. Unfortunately this substance cannot enter the cells by itself and needs the help of a delivery mechanism. Insulin is needed for the glucose to enter cells. 

Under normal conditions the pancreas can produce the necessary amount of insulin to take all the glucose into the cells lowering the sugar levels in the blood. The pancreas of a diabetes patient is unable to produce the right amount of insulin or his cells are unable to accept the insulin properly. This fact can result in cells not getting enough energy to complete the necessary tasks. That can produce severe health problems like cardiovascular disease, retinal damage, nerve damage and kidney failure. 

A renal diabetic diet is recommended for people who have diabetes and kidney failure.

The kidneys are the organs in charge of filtering the waste in your body so is essential to keep them as healthy as possible.

- If you have kidney failure you will have to consume very healthy foods with the fewer amounts of toxins possible. 

- Eating foods with low amount of sodium is a must, especially if you are taking dialysis. The dialysis process requires a machine to filter the waste of the body when the kidneys are not working. 

- Controlling the amount of fluids in the body is also very important. An excess of fluids in the body could be very damaging to the other organs if the kidneys are not functioning properly. 

- The consumption of proteins should also very limited. The recommendation is to consume amino acids instead of proteins to prevent further damage. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist about the use of brewers yeast as a supplement for essential amino acids, it is found on most health food stores.

The main components of a good renal diabetic diet are vegetables and fruits.

Fruits are usually easier for the stomach during mornings: apples, pineapples and strawberries are all excellent choices for your breakfast. Drinking distilled water is of great benefit for the kidneys. Various root vegetables such as carrots can be included in the diet for people who have renal problems; using some extra virgin olive oil can make the meals healthier. 

Eliminate the consumption of dry grains and fatty meats; as they create a lot of health problems in people with these conditions because of their high protein content. Adopt a gluten free and dairy free nutritional regime. 

Remember to consult your doctor before taking on any diet.


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