Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

Some women may experience a certain health condition, such as pregnancy induced hypertension. It is characterized by having a consistent high blood pressure occurring, as its name suggests, during the time of pregnancy.

A woman during pregnancy needs extra care and affection from their near ones to make her delivery hassle free. However, even with enough care and affection from the relatives or friends it doesn't mean that the pregnancy will be risk free always as there could be different factors. 

Similar to the common form of hypertension, this type of hypertension involves an unusually high degree of blood pressure and it mostly occurs during third trimester, or in other words, last three months of pregnancy. However, it may also happen in other months, but in rare incidences.

Hypertension during pregnancy

Although the field of medical studies has been progressed dramatically in recent decades, no one yet has been able to conclude a single explanation behind the development of pregnancy induced hypertension. No one even can define the triggering factors for this undesirable condition. However, this is seen to be more prevalent in the case of first pregnancies, but less prevalent in successive ones.

Chronic HypertensionPregnant woman

The diagnosis is possible by comparing the blood pressures of the mother during prenatal visits. Once the doctor has identified a threshold point, or a striking rise in the blood pressure level from the baseline, then the doctor generally concludes that the condition is present in the patient.

However, administering successive tests are also necessary to confirm the condition. 

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The treatment strategies largely depend on a wide variety of factors, such as: pregnancy level, severity of the condition, the condition of the baby inside, other health complications, etc. 

Considering all of these vital factors, doctors recommend relevant treatment procedure. Essentially, the patient is asked to take complete bed rest whenever possible. During this period, blood pressure is monitored in a more persistent fashion.

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On the other hand, other monitoring tests are also conducted. These tests may involve blood tests, urine tests to identify the protein level, fetal heartbeat monitoring, fetal growth and evaluation of amniotic fluid volume. There is no possible cure for this condition in the gestational period other than the delivery itself. However, following the delivery, even the condition may persist for few hours to few weeks.

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