Early Pregnancy Dizziness

Pregnancy dizziness is one of the main symptoms of being pregnant. During this process the female body experiences several changes. One of the most important changes is an alteration of the cardiovascular system.

The blood pressure of pregnant women has a tendency to decrease for a short period of time while an increase of the heartbeat is expected. The amount of blood needed during pregnancy is higher than under normal circumstances which explain the faster heartbeat. These new adjustments in the heart and blood pressure can sometimes go unnoticed but most of the time a pregnant woman will definitely feel them.

There are many signs that can indicate the possibility of a pregnancy. Urinating frequently is one of the most prominent signals. Another one is suffering from heartburn. This condition can affect anyone but if you are a woman that has never suffered from it, the increase of certain hormones related to pregnancy can affect the digestion process resulting in an excessive production of digestive acids.

Missing a period can also be one of the easiest to recognize signals, of course you must take into consideration that certain medications can also cause a woman to miss her period. Pregnancy dizziness is another very well known sign of pregnancy.

This dizziness symptoms generally caused by all the hormonal changes that alter blood pressure and heart rate.

Fortunately the dizziness is not present at all times but you must be aware of the things that can trigger it:

- Eating poorly or not enough can make you dizzy very easily.

Having very low sugar levels has the potential of not only causing dizziness but fainting as well.

- Not drinking enough water can also make you dizzy.

Keeping yourself hydrated at all times can be very helpful.You can prevent this by carrying some fruit like a banana and a small bottle of water with you at all times especially if you are outside your house.

- Getting up too fast.

If you are sitting or lying down, the blood in your body will be concentrated on your legs and feet. Standing up too quickly can cause an unbalance in the blood supply as the body tries to provide more blood for the upper part of the body. You can avoid this by getting up slowly, allowing the body to reestablish the blood supply accordingly.

- Pregnancy dizziness can also be caused by being too long in a hot area.

This can cause your arteries to dilate, decreasing the blood pressure which can ultimately make your lose your balance. Hot showers and baths should be avoided especially if you are alone.

- Lying on your back for too long can also make you feel woozy.

As the uterus grows the pressure applied to a large vein in the back also increases. This will have the effect of lowering the blood circulation to the legs. You can lie to your side to avoid having this problem. A pillow behind you can help you maintain the correct position.

- Some pregnant women can also experience anemia which can lead to pregnancy dizziness.

A low amount of red cells carrying oxygen into the brain can make you feel dizzy and even faint. The usual cause of this is a lack of iron. Eating iron rich foods like potatoes and some iron supplements could make the difference.

If you are experiencing episodes of dizziness consult your doctor as soon as possible.


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