What is Pre Hypertension

Pre Hypertension: A comprehensive overview

When blood circulates throughout our body system, blood pressure occurs as a result of the forces exerted on the artery wall due to the circulation process. 

When the blood pressure is just slightly elevated than the normal count, the condition is referred to as pre hypertension. 

If it is left untreated, it may lead to critical level of high blood pressure, eventually increasing a high health risk for developing stroke, severe cardiovascular complication, heart attack and heart failure. Let us explore a comprehensive overview about this.

Signs and symptoms

Unfortunately, pre hypertension does not develop with apparent symptoms. Even if someone has an advanced level of high blood pressure, he/she may rarely show any symptoms. Only blood pressure monitoring on a regular basis may help in diagnosing the condition at the earlier phases. 

So, you may either visit doctor's chamber to keep a track of it or you may buy blood pressure monitoring home kit to keep the track by yourself. In either way, it is highly recommended that you must check it regularly in order to avoid adverse condition.

Some possible causes

Typically any factors that may contribute in increasing the pressure on the artery wall are the causes of such complication. Essentially, it may involve narrowing down the artery inner passage and an unusually excessive amount of blood. Apart from that, there are few diseases like the following:

  • sleep apnea

  • kidney disorder

  • adrenal disease

  • thyroid disease

All of those mentioned above may contribute to the development of the condition. In addition, certain medications could be additional causes.


When your blood pressure is rising, it means you are at risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. This is why it is mandatory to control your pre hypertension once you get an alarming sign. One you become able to change your lifestyle to a healthy one, you are about to take a great control over your condition. 

Grilled fish with baked potatoes and salad

Eating a healthy diet, like the "Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) " diet, will offer benefit to you. Have fruits and green vegetables as well as less unhealthy saturated fat.

And of course, follow these steps:

  1. Overweight can pose a serious threat for developing the condition.

  2. In addition, you need to get a control over your sodium intake. You must reduce your sodium intake in your daily diet.

  3. Do not promote a sedentary lifestyle. Always remember that staying active can help you stay fit and healthy for long years.

  4. You must restrict the amount of your alcohol consumption.

  5. If you are suffering other health complications, doctors may suggest you to take medications accompanied by healthy lifestyle change.


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