Pre Diabetic Diet

A pre diabetic diet plan is often used to avoid the development of full diabetes. Diabetes is a very dangerous condition that affects millions worldwide. This disease causes an accumulation of sugar in the bloodstream that can damage most of the organs in the human body.

Eventually the condition can have fatal consequences if the person suffering from the problem does not take the necessary precautions to avoid the complications. Hypertension and heart disease are conditions that often affect people with a diabetic background.

The best way to prevent the health problems associated with diabetes is to avoid the disease from ever appearing. If you feel any symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, tiredness and blurred vision you might be at risk of suffering from diabetes.

The pre diabetic diet is a necessary step to heal your body and prevent the devastating effects of diabetes.

The diet requires drastically reducing or abandoning certain foods that harm your organs and are responsible for damaging the pancreas.

- Refined sugar is known to be the number one enemy for all pre diabetics. You have to understand that not all sugars are the same; making the distinction between natural and highly processed sugars is essential. Refined sugars and artificial sweeteners should to be avoided at all costs and they can be found in many popular cereals, sodas, some juices and in almost every dessert like cakes and ice cream. The natural type is frequently found in fruits and can be consumed in moderation.

The refined type is very hard to metabolize by the human body so it takes longer to break it down and be absorbed by the body which can result in overworking the pancreas. The natural one is way easier to be absorbed by the body allowing the pancreas to rest more.

- You also have to be very careful with white flour. White flour can be incredibly dangerous probably way more than you can imagine. That particular flour is known to contain a chemical that destroy the cells in the pancreas which results in uncontrolled sugar levels in the blood.

Your pre diabetic diet or improved way of eating can include fresh fruits like pineapples, papayas, apples and peaches.

These fruits are among the healthiest ones and can definitely be consumed. Potatoes, carrots, beets and garlic are vegetables that have amazing properties that can help your body return to a healthy state.

Extra virgin olive oil is very useful when you want to prepare your meals and want to avoid the unhealthy fats that are present in other oils. It is also a source of important healthy fats like the monounsaturated type that can lower bad cholesterol.


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