Pre Diabetes Symptoms

Pre diabetes symptoms can be a sign of a future diabetes condition. Pre diabetes is a condition that normally precedes type 2 diabetes. Many around the world are affected by it. People with type 1 diabetes do not go normally through suffering the pre diabetes stage.

The condition can cause severe damage to the organs if it is ignored. The body starts developing resistance to insulin and the necessary precautions have to be taken in order to avoid full diabetes.

Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases can be the result of neglecting to treat the problem.

One important fact to know is that most people that have pre diabetes symptoms are not aware of them; when they finally go to the doctor is too late and they have to face the complications of diabetes. The first sign of this condition is a higher than normal sugar level.

In some cases you may be able to notice the effects of having a high sugar concentration in your blood:
  • Extreme thirst is one of the most common symptoms. The thirst occurs as the body tries to get rid of the sugar excess in the bloodstream by flushing it. Drinking plenty of water can calm the thirst for a short while but after consuming a certain amount of fluids the second common most symptom appear.

  • Frequent urination is another symptom and it tends to happen after you drink lots of water. This is especially true during night. The frequent trips to the restroom during the night can decrease the quality of your sleep causing you to feel more tired than usual.

  • People with pre diabetes will often feel tired even without exercising.

Other less typical pre diabetes symptoms are: heartburn (very common during nighttime), many digestive problems (like diarrhea and bloating). Some breathing problems often associated with sleep apnea, a great urge to eat sweet snacks, sudden depression episodes (for example, you feel happy at one moment then suddenly you feel sad without an explanation).

Also a constant hunger that never goes even after eating and muscle stiffness especially in the morning.

All of these symptoms are also very common in people with diabetes, so if you are experiencing any of them go to your doctor immediately. You might still be able to prevent the appearance of the condition.


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