Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium rich foods are essential for a healthy nutritional regimen. The potassium is an element necessary for the human body and is commonly found as a salt in the seawater and the soil. It is responsible for keeping the ph levels balanced in our bodies.

Since the potassium a very alkaline mineral it prevents our fluids from becoming too acidic. The element is important as it is used in the nervous tissue of animal cells to generate the electrical signals necessary for the body to function properly. Some of the functions that require a good potassium intake are skeletal and smooth function contraction, digestion, muscular function and the cardiac cycle.

Other functions affected by the amount of potassium in the body are the regulation of blood pressure, bone mass and the adrenal hormone production.
This element must be balanced with several others, like sodium and calcium; otherwise a wide variety of conditions can arise. 

Hypokalemia is a disease that results from a low potassium intake. Anyone with the illness can feel weak and fatigued in a constant basis. It can also cause hypertension problems, strokes and irregular heart beat.

In order to acquire the necessary amount you will need to consume potassium rich foods.

Potassium can be found in high concentrations inside the plants.

Fruits are generally the area where the plant store most of its potassium content and is considered the healthiest source. Animal tissue like fish and meat can also contain a good amount of this element but this type of source can also increase the acidity levels of the body fluids resulting in many health problems. In order to obtain the highest quality potassium you have to choose from the best sources.

The most recommended foods to obtain the desired amount of this element are: melons, papayas, cantaloupes, plantains, bananas, tomatoes, mangoes and cucumbers.

Cantaloupe half

Other good sources are: spinaches, broccoli, cabbages, potatoes, oranges, turmeric, garlic, peppers, onions and carrots.

Remember that balance is the key to good health so if you consume too much of potassium rich foods the consequences can be dire.

The natural approach to obtain the right amount of nutrients is usually the best one. For example, you can cook some potatoes with carrots to have a well balanced meal with the appropriate minerals.


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