The Advantages of Organic Olive Oil

Organic olive oil is frequently used to prepare healthy meals. This oil is obtained from the olive. The olive comes from a tree commonly cultivated in the Mediterranean area. Generally countries like France, Italy, Greece and Spain cultivate the olive tree.

Spain is the main producer of olive oil in the entire world controlling more than 33% of the total production. The highest quality olive oils used in the United States generally come Spain, Italy and Greece.

Olive oil is one of the main components of any Mediterranean meal. The oil conserves most of the properties and vitamins of the olive. This oil is very rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats; known to increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce the levels of the bad one (LDL) which results in less probability of suffering from heart diseases.

The oil that comes from the olive could also help in:

- reducing the chance of suffering from diabetes

- hypertension

- some types of cancer and ulcers

- it also contributes to slow down the aging process improving the life expectancy

This fact proves that is not coincidence that the Mediterranean diet, very rich in olive oil, can decrease the chances of suffering many dangerous chronic diseases.

Not all of the olive oils are equal. The quality of the oil is a fundamental factor to determine its properties.

Organic olive oil is simply the oil that comes from olives that have been grown without pesticides or additives. When the oil is orgaExtra virgin olive oil in a glass containernic it provides a unique flavor and taste that can’t be matched. 

The high quality oils are the ones called cold pressed. The term refers to the process used to extract the oil from the olive. Large stone rollers are used to crush the olives, this result in very good quality oil produced. Modern machinery is normally avoided to produce them although some oils with lower quality are produced using less natural processes.

Among all the types of oils, the extra virgin organic olive oil is known to be the best.

The extra virgin oil is not processed like other types and since is extracted without using chemicals or heat; it conserves most of its flavor and nutrients. The virgin one is obtained from a second pressing not as good as extra virgin but superior to the others. The “pure oil” is normally a mixture of processed and extra virgin oil resulting in minor quality.


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