Open Heart Surgery

An open heart surgery is usually for fixing the problems in the heart of an individual.
When talking about traditional open heart surgery, an incision is made, by the surgeon, in the center of the patient's chest, and then the breastbone is spread apart so that the surgeon can gain access to the heart. Tiny drainage tubes will be placed beneath the patient's breast bone in order to drain fluid from around the heart.

A chest tube will be placed beneath the patient's rib cage so that fluid may be drained from the chest cavity.

When the heart is stopped the patient is put on a heart-lung machine so that the surgeon is able to work on the heart while it does not beat. Then it is connected to various other machines so that the vital signs can be monitored and other functions can be performed.

After the surgery has been completed, the heart is again restarted. The operation must be over in less than six hours because it is not safe for the body to stay on the heart-lung machine for a longer time period.

The risks

No matter what type of surgery a person is going to have, there are always risks involved. Risks will vary depending upon what type of procedure is being done. Risks may be higher if the heart of the patient is stopped and has to be put on the cardiopulmonary bypass machine. Every person's risk of complications will vary depending upon the current health status, type of procedure being done, age, level of risk and gender. The risks increase when someone having a heart surgery is older and mainly when they have had the procedure done before. The surgery is even more complicated when the person has additional serious conditions.

Embrace a healthy change

A different lifestyle may improve your health so much that you may not have to undergo the procedure. Speak to a nutritionist or a hospital dietitian so that you may learn how to strengthen your whole system with the right kinds of foods.  Ask your doctor if there are any other alternatives on the natural side that can help the heart pump more efficiently.

One thing that anybody should remember is that we must be in charge of our own health. Nowadays, there are certain heart conditions that are being treated with minimally invasive surgery and not open heart surgery.

We must do extensive research and consult with diverse doctors before even having any operation, especially when considering an heart surgery.


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