Olive Oil Skin Care 

The benefits of olive oil skin care are more impressive than what people normally think. This oil is obtained from the olives and the more pure, the better. And also is a basic ingredient in the Mediterranean diet.

The extra virgin type is known to be used for cooking and preparing healthy meals. It has not only the best taste but is also the recommended as a natural remedy for many illnesses.

The effects of many health problems like these can be relatively reduced by a diet rich in this type of oil:
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • heart disease

Besides being amazingly healthy, olive oil has some astonishing effects over the skin. The first civilization known to have taken advantage of the olive oil skin care was the Egyptians. Later other cultures like the Greeks discovered it and found even more uses for the olive oil. At that time the most popular use for the oil was to make soaps and perfumes. In the ancient times the Greeks used to take baths of olive oil to moisturize their skin and to protect the skin of their athletes.

The oil is known to have light antibacterial characteristics plus it can moisturize your skin better than most moisturizers.

Some commercial products are unable to imitate the soothing effects of the oil and end up irritating your skin. Olive oil skin care can also provide many antioxidants that repel free radicals that can be caused by a prolonged exposure to sunlight, smoking and pollution. You can apply it directly to wrinkles and even stretch marks. If you are a bath loving person you can mix a couple of tablespoons of the oil into warm water, add your preferred essence and you will be surprised how soft your skin will feel after 20 minutes.

You can also use it to keep your hair shiny and vibrant.

Apply it to your hair, wait for 30 minutes then wash it. Your hair will feel like never before.

Before getting the first olive oil that you see, remember to get the extra virgin one to get the best results.

The extra virgin type is the purest form and keeps all the incredible properties of the oil. Others are more refined and have been altered with chemicals. Remember to put your olive oil in a cool and dark area as light and heat will tend to make it rancid. Oxygen can also damage it so keep it tightly closed to prevent problems.


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