Causes for Numbness in Leg 

Numbness in leg is a sensation that many people experience. This problem is often associated with sciatica. Sciatica is known to be a series of symptoms related to the compression of a sciatic nerve.

It can result in intense pain, muscular weakness, tingling sensation and difficulty in moving the legs. The irritation or compression of other nerves like the ones located in the lumbar or sacral area can also lead to suffer from the intense pain. Leg numbness can be caused by a wide variety of conditions besides sciatica. Some of them can be quite dangerous like diabetes, high blood pressure problems and circulatory disorders while others can be mild.

In order to determine the true cause of numbness in leg is necessary to study all the symptoms related to it.

Sometimes the condition causing it can be easily identified while in others the cause is something completely unrelated to that symptom. In one type of leg numbness, the diagnosis is correspondent with the medical tests done. The feeling of numbness is also accompanied by the lack of sensation. The usual culprit in that case is a problem in the lower back. Herniated discs in that area can pinch the nerves causing all the mentioned symptoms. Some forms of arthritis can also cause a compression of the sciatic nerve leading to the sensation problem in the legs.

The numbness in your leg can also be the result of an illness like regional ischemia.

This condition can cause an oxygen deprivation in a given area of the human body. Normally that can result in extreme back pain. Treating this specific disease can be a bit complicated. Normal medications have a hard time being effective as the lack of oxygen is the main cause.

Multiple sclerosis is a severe disease that can make you feel numbness in leg as well.
Other symptoms of the condition are insensibility of the cheeks and arms; that numbness can last for around 1 hour or it can be intermittent. These symptoms tend to be more aggressive during the night and can produce insomnia. The lack of sensitivity caused by the sclerosis can be especially dangerous as some people might not even feel if an object is hot or cold. The lack of sensation in the face can also be very problematic when trying to eat as people can bite their own tongue by mistake. 

Remember to go to your doctor if the numb feeling last for too long or if it happens too often.


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