Normal Potassium Levels

Having normal potassium levels and later on going too low or too high can cause a variety of health problems that can be serious and even dangerous; however, it should be noted that the right amount of potassium is relevant for the functioning of the body.

Potassium is one of those minerals that our bodies need to work properly. Most of it is found in the cells and the mineral is needed to keep your muscles, heart and nerves responding properly.

The majority of people are able to maintain normal potassium levels through the food that they eat without the need for supplements or other measures.

Regularly potassium levels are 3.5 to 5.0 milliequivalents per liter or mEq/L. When you go to your doctor and takes blood samples one of the things to test is your potassium level. In most cases, these levels are well within normal range for several reasons. First because potassium is available in several foods we eat, particularly fruits and vegetables. Many common vegetables and fruits have at least some potassium so most diets have sufficient. In addition if your kidneys are healthy they regulate the potassium, naturally getting rid of the excess in the system.

In the majority of the cases a person with no kidney malfunction who eats a healthy diet has little to worry about in terms of their potassium.

However, there are some things that can throw potassium levels off balance even in people who are generally healthy:

- Don't take a potassium supplement unless your doctor tells you to. While our kidneys do a great job of removing excess potassium from our bodies there is simply no reason to force the kidneys to overwork to get rid of something your body has plenty of without supplements.

- Excessive laxatives and the too frequent use of colon cleansers can rob your body of its potassium leaving you with weak muscles, cramps and more serious problems. Generally your body functions well on its own and does not need you to treat it with excessive laxatives or colon cleaners.

There are other things which could affect your normal potassium levels but, in most cases regular checkups with your doctor will help to avoid any problems in this area.

- Maintaining a reasonable diet and not using potassium supplements or products that can take a huge toll on your potassium level is the best way of ensuring that your potassium levels are normal.

If you are worried that you are not getting the proper amount of potassium check with your doctor and eat a healthy diet. Chances are that unless you have some actual analysis that indicate either high or low potassium levels you are fine and the doctor can reassure you.


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