Causes of Night Sweats in Men

Night sweats in men are often associated with women's pre-menopausal or menopausal symptoms but they can experience it too. Although most men that have night sweats might shrug them off as a sign of sickness due to an oncoming fever they could be missing a bigger situation about their bodies. Sweating is an indication that your body is fighting off an infection but as men get older their hormones change and could be causing night sweats. 

Sometimes a variation in the temperature of the room can be the explanation. It could also be caused from a medication's side effects; also, if you drink coffee before bedtime your heart rate will be elevated and cause a spike in your temperature that will lead to night sweats. Although more serious conditions can arise and is important to note each time they happen. If you do seek medical advice at least have a journal that gives your doctor a written summary of the times that it happened.  

It could be an isolated incident but it could also be a warning regarding other conditions.

A risk factor included with night sweats might be a loss of appetite due to uncomfortable sleeping patterns.

There could be a factor that lead to a more solid diagnosis. Night sweats in men are treatable and most of the time they can be eliminated. For men, changing their sleeping clothes can make a big difference. Opt for more comfortable clothing such as breathable fabrics, like cotton.

You should also note that your sleeping environment needs to be convenient for a good night rest.

Have a fan that circulates air, either a ceiling fan or oscillating fan, this helps to move the air around and keep the temperature comfortable while you are sleeping. Your body will only heat up so it can sweat if its gets too hot, don't keep it so cold that your body temperature drops. If you happen to work nights and sleep during the day it's important to keep your room nice and cool since day time temperatures peak in the early evening.

Changing your sleeping attire and making sure that you are comfortable before falling asleep can work in your favor. Men's bodies do change with the years and sweats are an adjustment to their hormones changing. Night sweats in men should not be associated with fevers unless you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms when being awake. Changing your diet can also contribute to decreasing night sweats, consuming spicy foods can elevate your internal temperature and cause them.

Remember to create a sleeping environment that is comfortable so you can sleep without triggering your body's internal thermal system.

Talk to your doctor if you experience night sweats too frequently.


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