Neurofeedback Therapy - How does it works?

Neurofeedback therapy can be used as an alternative treatment for many conditions. The diseases currently affecting the majority of people are sometimes very hard to treat with conventional medicine. The normal medications usually have plenty of side effects and they are unable to completely cure any condition. The side effects are sometimes so intense that they can be even worse than the disease the medicine is trying to treat.

That is why many people have chosen to look for alternative ways of treating health problems. That does not mean that medications should be completely discarded, however, is important to see that natural remedies are a viable alternative for everyone.

One of the most effective ways to aid in the healing of some conditions but often overlooked is the neurofeedback therapy.

This kind of therapy is often used in people with:
  • epilepsy
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • hyperactivity
  • anger problems - anger is a very strong emotion that can literally make your blood vessels explode
  • strokes
The therapy works exceptionally well for cases where strong emotions are involved. Even high blood pressure problems can be a thing of the past when the therapy is applied properly.

The technique requires the use of the brain to manipulate the functions of the body.

Specifically it works based on the reward system of the brain. The first step is to connect the patient to an EEG machine.  In order to start the procedure a specialist on the neurofeedback therapy connects some electrodes to your head. These electrodes are connected to a machine with a computer screen. During the therapy the patient will play a game where his brainwaves have to match a certain pattern in order to complete the game. That way the patient learns to control his brainwaves to achieve the desired objective.

The brain wave activity is recorded during the session to be analyzed later with the patient. This is to help the patient become aware of the connection between the mind and the body.

Some health problems require more practice than others. Some disorders like epilepsy for example need an extensive number of sessions to get the brain working the desired way. Depression is a condition that normally do not require many sessions. The method is very effective and can be extended to other areas of your life. You can also use it to program yourself to achieve any goal you desire.


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