Natural Remedies for Anxiety

There are some natural remedies for anxiety you can use before making use of traditional medical treatments. Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling that most people experience at some time. Sometimes it acts as an important defense mechanism that keeps us alert to danger. Other times, we feel anxious for no apparent reason, the anxiety may last for long periods of time, or be so severe it interferes with our ability to go on with our normal lives and therefore many consider anxiety remedies.

Making changes to your lifestyle may help reduce your anxiety episodes quite a bit. That includes exercising regularly to burn off excess energy and reduce stress. Regular exercise has all kinds of health benefits like lifting depression and improving your physical and mental well being. In addition, cleaning up your diet may be beneficial. Food additives or allergies may be responsible for causing anxiety.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is one of the natural remedies you can start right away with no added expense. Other lifestyle changes you may want to consider are stopping smoking, giving up alcohol, and being sure to get plenty of sleep every night.

Herbs commonly used

Natural remedies for anxiety also come in the form of herbs such as kava and valerian. Remember that while herbs are natural, they may pose a health hazard if you have certain medical conditions or take medications. Your doctor or other expert will be able to advise you of the safety of the herbs you choose. Kava for example, is a herb that makes you feel relaxed and is said to be helpful for people with social anxiety. However, it has also been linked with liver complications, so its use is controversial.

Other herbs that have been used to treat anxiety either alone or or with others include passion flower, chamomile, pennyroyal and St. John's wort.

Vitamins can also act as natural remedies for anxiety.

If your body is deficient in certain minerals or vitamins, you may experience the effect of feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed. B vitamins in particular are thought to help relieve anxiety by altering the production of certain chemicals in the brain. The B complex can be found in liquid yeast (can be obtained at health food stores).

Omega-3 fatty acids may also help in the treatment of anxiety; you can use them in the form of supplements and in a more natural way on your meals by eating the sources of it like: flax seeds, olive oil, walnuts, or fish in moderation, for example. Magnesium is also thought to help with issues of anxiety and relaxation.

You may also find it beneficial to learn stress reduction techniques.

Learning how to stop an anxiety attack before it escalates into a full episode will help you manage your anxiety so you can control it instead of letting it control you.

One of the not so common natural remedies for anxiety is cold showers. Some people report favorable results with this method. All it involves is taking a short cold shower at least once a day. You can see there are many natural options you can try, so you can manage your anxiety issues better. They can be totally natural lifestyle changes like eliminating caffeine or they might require trying various herbs until you find one that works for you.

Consult your doctor when considering natural remedies.


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