Natural Cancer Treatment

Natural cancer treatment can be used by a wide variety of patients. Cancer is a very dangerous condition affecting millions around the world. Cancer is known to be one of the top causes of death in the industrialized world along with heart diseases, strokes, diabetes and some respiratory diseases. This condition has some similarities with the other main causes of death. One of the most important factors when looking at the causes for these diseases is a person’s life style. 

Genetics seems to be another factor but in a lesser degree.

There are many alternative treatments for cancer outside the traditional therapy.

One alternative for natural cancer treatment that is frequently overlooked is the positive mind. Stress is more damaging to your health than you think. The strain it causes in our system is so intense that it can affect all the organs in the body. People that live stressful lives are often diagnosed with heart disease, cancer and other conditions. On the other hand people that are calmed and have a positive way of thinking are able to heal and recover faster from most diseases.

Using the mind to cure your body can be very helpful but if you combine it with other treatments it can be really powerful.

The use of frequency generators can be a good addition to your natural cancer treatment.

These machines use electromagnetic waves to cure cancer cells. This method does not destroy healthy or cancer cells. The electromagnetic waves are used to turn cancer cells into healthy cells. For this treatment to be even more effective is preferable to use it on people with early stages of cancer.

Another treatment that is very effective is the use of cesium.

This is a very alkaline substance used to kill cancer cells. Cancer cells are known to be very acidic so a very alkaline substance will likely eliminate this kind of cell while keeping the healthy cells alive. The only disadvantage to the use of cesium is that it cannot be combined with the frequency generator method as the waves will prevent the cesium from destroying the damaged cells.

There are some theories about the consumption of fresh pineapple and soursop fruits on helping eliminate cancer; however, they have not been definitively proven yet.

Ripe soursop

The use of oxygenated water can also help to increase the alkalinity in the body to kill cancer cells. Oxygenated water has the advantage that can work well with the other techniques like the frequency generators. 

Talk to your doctor about any of the treatments you are considering to follow.


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