Morning Hypertension

The time of the day (in the case of morning hypertension) and the amount of physical exercise as well, are among the factors that determine how the blood pressure will respond.

Also the type of food ingested and the levels of stress experimented during the day are the main day to day elements that affect blood pressure. 

However, in many instances, the condition known as morning hypertension contributes in creating a heart problem or blood vessel condition that could lead to a stroke. One of the most difficult things to accept is that fifty percent of the people with normal blood pressure are afflicted with this condition.

Reasons why you could be affected

As the name implies morning high blood pressure is a condition that affects people in the early hours of the day, this happens because the blood pressure tends to be higher and that is known as circadian rhythm that is in fact a twenty four hour cycle that controls a person’s pattern of sleeping and waking.

Sun in the morning

Keeping a Blood Pressure Log

Another thing is that during morning time the human body unleashes hormones which also play their role in increasing blood pressure and in fact, this process generally occurs between the hours of six in the morning and noon; it can do quite a bit of harm as well.

If you are one of the people that are experiencing this condition, you should know that it must be treated as soon as you can so it is very important to see your doctor, otherwise the condition could complicate and cause a stroke or other heart related ailments. One thing that you must know when treating morning hypertension is that it will most likely lead to heart and blood vessels conditions and it will also cause a change to take place in the rhythm of your heart affecting the size of the heart as well. That in turn can result in a heart attack or even heart failure.

If you suspect you have it, you should immediately consult a doctor and particularly if you notice common symptoms such as chest pain, severe headaches as well as numbness or even tingling sensation in the face and even arms.

People that have the following are most likely to suffer from the condition:

  • high blood pressure

  • diabetes type 1 or type 2

  • have attained the age of sixty five or more

  • are users of tobacco

  • and also alcohol

To find out whether you have morning high blood pressure or not, you need to monitor closely your blood pressure. 

You can do it by using blood pressure monitors that can easily be used at home and which can be bought at a local store without the need of a prescription. You can also prevent it by leading a healthy life and eating a diet filled with nutritious foods, also avoiding tobacco and alcohol along with proper exercising.


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