Mild Heart Attack

In a mild heart attack the blood clot will stop the blood flow to the heart intermittently. When a person suffers with a heart attack, they end up with a blood clot that gets stuck in a small artery that is located around the heart. The blockage cuts off the blood flow to the heart which can cause a number of problems.

A mild attack has the same issue but the difference is that the blood clot is smaller and it doesn't completely block the artery.

In order to tell which type of heart attack you had, you will need to have an electrocardiogram (ECG) done. Each type of heart attack will show a different pattern on the results of the ECG. While symptoms of a typical heart attack are much similar to those of a mild attack, the difference is that it will limit the amount of blood that goes to the heart which, over time can damage the heart muscle.

Once the heart muscle is damaged, it will start to release proteins into the blood. You can have a simple blood test done to determine if these proteins are present in your body. The proteins that the test is looking for are creatine kinase-MB and troponins.  If you blood work comes back positive with these proteins present in your blood, your doctor will tell you that you have had a mild heart attack.


There are many causes for a person to have an attack. One of the main reasons for a mild heart attack is when a person has a blood clot develop on the top of fatty plaque located in the arteries but the clot is not bad enough to totally block blood flow. The result is that blood flow is stopped periodically which causes a person to have chest pain. Another reason a person may experience it is when the muscles in one of the hearts arteries narrows which is called coronary artery spasm. This particular cause of a mild attack is mainly seen in men but women can still have this type. 


Treatment for those who suffer with these attacks is generally medication as well as making necessary lifestyle changes so that you will not have further problems with your heart. Medications are used to treat the chest pain as well as to open up the blood vessels so that blood and oxygen can get through to the heart. Common lifestyle changes for heat patients would be to stop smoking, change to a healthy diet and to exercise regularly. 

If you are starting to have trouble with your heart or you have suffered from a mild heart attack, it is time to make some important changes in your life. Educate yourself on the health of your heart and make some changes to your diet. It is good to get yourself up and moving with some type of exercise program so that your body will be working at its best.


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