Microalbuminuria is a condition where high amounts of protein are found in the urine. It occurs when the filtering system in the kidneys is damaged. 

Proteins in the body are not filtered out of the urine. The ailment can be serious, it should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Early Stages of Kidney Disease

The condition is actually a sign of early stage kidney disease and is a type of proteinuria. The first stage progresses, depending on the amount of protein found in the urine to a serious stage called the nephritic range. Once the condition has been allowed to advance to the serious stage it can ultimately result in kidney failure.


There are two main risk factors in developing microalbuminuria. These are hypertension and diabetes. People who are older or over weight also have an increased chance of developing it.

The most common symptom is urine that is foamy in consistency. The proteins in the urine react with the water and cause a foamy appearance. In some cases there may be swelling in the hands, ankles, calves and feet.

The diagnosis is quite simple involving a urine test. The urine is measured to see how much protein is found in it. The urine test lasts for a 24 hour period where the urine is collected. Generally a small level of proteins, which is what occurs when the kidney disease is at the microalbuminuria level, requires only treatment to clear the urine of proteins and to help get the kidneys repaired. However, if the protein levels are too high then further tests may be needed, including blood tests and a kidney biopsy.


The treatment for microalbuminuria usually involves treating the underlying condition that is causing the symptoms. A person may need to monitor the blood sugar, follow a particular diet and increase moderate exercise.

Sometimes further tests may need to be done to help discover the underlying condition that is causing it.

It is important to discover what has led to the ailment because that is what must be treated in order to stop the leakage of protein into the urine. Treating only the illness itself is not going to solve the situation, just hide the symptoms and that is not an ideal solution to the overall problem with the kidneys not functioning correctly.

Without proper treatment the protein will continue to leak into the urine. The filters in the kidneys will break down even further. Eventually the condition will become severe and the kidneys will be in the advanced stages of kidney disease. Without adequate treatment and care a person could end up in complete kidney failure and require extensive medical treatment, such as dialysis. Early diagnosis is essential, if left untreated then it will just advance in severity. If you notice any symptoms, have diabetes or hypertension then you should get tested to ensure that you do not have this condition.


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