What is the Link Between Menopause and Hypertension?

Do you think that the menopause and hypertension are related? After menopause, most women notice an increase in their blood pressure. As such, most are diagnosed with high blood pressure after menopause symptoms.

This suggests a relationship between the hormonal and biochemical changes a woman experiences during that phase of her life with the onset of high blood pressure.

Hormonal changes a woman experiences during menopause can leads to an increase to salt sensitivity, loss of energy and a tendency for weight gain. These factors are well known precursor symptoms to high blood pressure.

Smiling woman.High blood pressure increases a woman's risk to cardiovascular disease and if the menopause weight gain is not stabilized then a woman is faced with a variety of other ailments such as diabetes and an increased risk to strokes. 

Symptoms of menopause depression

The arteries lose their elasticity becoming more rigid, making it difficult for the blood vessel wall to expand and contract, eventually leading to a higher blood pressure.

It is argued that the risk of being diagnosed with high blood pressure is not related to decreasing estrogen levels but related to the increase in women's weight as they age and also a general factor of aging. In a past study the research of some experts did not find that estrogen had any significant role in changing the blood pressure as women go through menopause symptoms.

Women on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) also experience an increase in blood pressure. These treatments, however, coupled with cigarette smoking can lead to significant changes in the blood pressure. In this case, the risk of suffering cardiovascular disease is increased by a factor of four.

Easy Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Postmenopausal women can combat high blood pressure effect naturally. They can do this through diet, exercise, and concentrating on a healthy lifestyle.

Fish with potatoes and asparagus

To avoid a substantial blood pressure rise, women can start by eating a heart healthy diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables.

Additional Tips to Have a Good Blood Pressure

The salt intake should be limited; the use of alcohol and cigarettes should be eliminated. Foods to be avoided include sweets and processed foods. Being overweight can also lead to heightened risk of high blood pressure, therefore women should lose any excess weight. 

Considering green tea weight loss for your health.

If lifestyle adjustments cannot control the high blood pressure, a doctor may write a prescription for medications to lower the blood pressure. Exercising is also very important in menopause and hypertension, it can be as simple as a 30 minute walk a day. This can help shed the excess weight and help retain some of the elasticity of the arteries.

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