Lowering Blood Sugar

Lowering blood sugar is necessary for people that are suffering or are prone to experience diabetes. Diabetes is a very dangerous chronic disease that can be lethal if you do not take the necessary precautions. People with diabetes often suffer from other conditions like hypertension and high cholesterol levels.

The main characteristic of diabetes is very high levels of sugar in the blood. The unusually high levels of sugar are the result of a low insulin supply. Insulin is the substance in the human body responsible to keep the sugar levels in the blood from rising too much.

There are 2 types of diabetes; the first type is the less common one and usually appears during the early years.

A genetic component is said to responsible for this condition. The second and most common type is the type 2 diabetes. This is the type that occurs more often and normally appears in the adulthood. The cause for this type involves living an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating a lot of junk food is known to be the number one trigger for this condition.

Diabetes is known to be a very hard to treat condition. Lowering blood sugar is often achieved by consuming certain medications. However there are other alternatives to keep the condition under control and they do not pose the risk of side effects. One alternative frequently used to help treat the illness is by drinking a lot of water. The purpose of this method is to decrease the concentration of sugar in the blood. The only problem with it is that kidneys regulate the amount of fluid in the bloodstream if too much enters it will be eliminated so using water to reduce sugar levels alone is not enough.

Another important thing that you can do to keep lowering blood sugar levels is to avoid refined and fatty foods.

This type of food creates insulin resistance and your body will not be able to use sugar efficiently. Natural foods however can greatly improve the health of diabetics.

Some of the best natural foods for this condition are:

  • garlic - contain several antioxidants and helps the body to increase the natural production of insulinAvocado, garlic, apple and onion

  • avocados - carry healthy fats and is able to reduce sugar levels after meals

  • flax seeds - rich in healthy fatty acids like Omega 3 which can reduce cholesterol and sugar levels

  • onions - are another great source of antioxidants that can help to raise the levels of good cholesterol and reduce the levels of sugar in the blood

  • apples can help greatly as well

Do not make the mistake of thinking that natural sugar and refined sugar are the same. Your body will certainly know the difference. Natural sugar like the one found in fruits is easily absorbed by the cells unlike the refined type so if you have to choose between eating a banana or a pie, the banana is certainly the wise choice. Exercising can also help in lowering blood sugar. Half an hour a day of aerobic exercises will do wonders for you.

Consult with your nutritionist about making a healthy diet plan for your condition.


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