Liver Problems Symptoms

Liver problems symptoms can tell you when the liver is having difficulty to carry its functions. The symptoms can sometimes go unnoticed and people might live with problems in the liver for years without realizing the condition. The liver is one of the largest organs in the body and is the one that can easily regenerate. 

One of its main characteristics unlike many other organs is that it can work well even at an old age. When it is directly affected by a disease or any other condition this organ might start failing. 

The liver is mostly composed of cells called hepatocytes. These cells absorb the vitamins and minerals that are found in the bloodstream. The hepatocytes have another special function which is to remove toxic and harmful substances in the blood.

The liver is also one of the hardest working organs. Some of its most important functions are: 

  • the regulation of glucose in the blood
  • the storage of several nutrients like iron
  • metabolizing certain fats

Even when the liver is a very strong organ you must still take care of it. Some chemicals and viruses can hurt the liver so you must pay attention to any sign related to liver damage.

Liver problems symptoms can take years to show up.

Sometimes you will probably confuse them with other conditions. 

When the liver gets damaged the metabolism gets affected and your body will start behaving differently. The metabolism can either accelerate or slow down. The result is an increase or loss of body weight. Some people that can’t lose weight even when dieting might be suffering from the metabolic slow down caused by liver damage. 

The slow metabolism can also produce conditions like hypertension and diabetes that may result as fat starts to build up in the arteries and the insulin levels decrease in the blood stream. Other liver problems symptoms that you can experience are the feeling of tiredness, fatigue and headaches. The headaches can appear because of the accumulation of toxins in the brain. 

Bloating can also be a consequence of having liver problems. Since bile production is necessary to eliminate fat effectively; a low production of this substance will force the bacteria to eat the excess fat and produce a lot of gas as a byproduct causing bloating. 

Pain in the abdominal area, nausea, itchy skin and pale stool can also be indications of liver disease.


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