How Can You Treat Liver Damage

Liver damage can occur when suffering from liver disease. The liver is the part of your body that can regulate metabolism, store nutrients, breakdown certain fats. 

Also creates bile and assist the pancreas in the insulin control. Sometimes this organ can get damaged by certain health conditions. 

There are 2 types of liver disease: the alcoholic liver disease and the non alcoholic liver disease.

The alcoholic type is a result of drinking too much alcohol.  As a result of this; fat will start to accumulate. The liver will be under a huge strain as it tries to eliminate all the toxins from the alcohol plus carrying out its other functions. Inflammation of the liver and cirrhosis can follow up if the drinking continues after a few years. Portal hypertension can also appear if the cirrhosis is not treated. 

The non alcoholic type tends to appear in people that have diabetes, coronary artery disease, are obese and in people that consume certain medications regularly. There are certain symptoms that can give an indication of suffering liver damage. Unusual abdominal pain, jaundice, depression, mood swings, weight loss, itching and dizziness are some symptoms that you might experience. 

There are several tests that can be used to determine the real cause of those symptoms. CT scans and MRI’s are commonly used to diagnose any liver condition. Sometimes when the other tests aren’t conclusive, a biopsy will be needed. The biopsy will clarify beyond any doubt the true condition of the organ. 

There are many things that you can do to prevent and treat liver damage.

The first step is to reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink or even better to stop it completely. Doing this will prevent a lot of damage in the future plus it will allow the liver to heal. Next you must consult your doctor about any prescription medication that might be causing problems in your liver. 

Finally eating the right way will also determine how fast your liver can heal. A low calorie diet can be very helpful in preventing any fat accumulation in the liver. Lots of fiber and diminishing the unhealthy saturated fats is what you need to heal faster. This "diet" will mainly consist of fruits and vegetables. You can use extra virgin olive oil for cooking your meals at a low temperature instead of using regular cooking oil.

Some supplements can help you greatly as well. 

Ginger, turmeric and milk thistle can be combined with your healthy meals to create an even more powerful healing effect. Ginger and turmeric are great condiments and go very well with salads. Milk thistle is known to be the strongest supplement to treat any kind of damage in the liver and can go well with vegetables if you can find it fresh.


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