What is Liver Cholesterol

Liver cholesterol is the one mainly found in the blood stream. Some people do not know that most of the cholesterol in the human body is actually produced by the liver. The liver is an organ responsible of multiple functions.

Breaking down fats, regulation of metabolism, insulin level control, the storage of nutrients, bile production and cholesterol production are functions of the liver.  Keeping your liver in optimum condition is necessary for it to perform its tasks. Most of the problems related to the liver occur as a consequence of unhealthy habits. Otherwise it would be very rare for the liver to get damaged.

One of the liver’s important functions is the creation of the liver cholesterol. The cholesterol is a waxy substance made by the liver. This compound is found in every cell of the human body and serves many purposes. One of them is the production several hormones. These hormones help the body to manage stress and contribute to the balance of sodium and water. Sexual function is also regulated by the cholesterol. This substance also helps in the production of vitamin D and bile acids which are necessary for the digestion of fat.

There are 2 types of cholesterol:
  • The HDL or high density lipoprotein is responsible for removing the LDL from the bloodstream which reduces the chance of suffering from heart disease and other conditions. The LDL or low density lipoprotein can deposit plaques in the arteries which can result in suffering heart attacks, strokes and other heart conditions. 
        Both types are necessary for the human body to be healthy. 
  • LDL is responsible for patching up injuries inside the arteries. The main problem occurs when the balance between them is altered.

How to lower ldl cholesterol

The LDL is a very large molecule compared to the HDL which means it can block arteries when the number of molecules is too big. When both molecules are balanced the HDL can remove the excess LDL from the blood stream. The LDL is taken to the liver where it combines with other chemicals produced by the liver. When the liver cholesterol is combined with dietary cholesterol the balance can suffer and health problems arise.

The high consumption of unhealthy saturated fats and LDL found in animal tissue is responsible for upsetting the balance between both types of cholesterol.

The only way for a person to correct the balance is by decreasing the intake of animal based food and increase the vegetable sources. Exercise is also very helpful to burn the excess of LDL in the blood. Remember that keeping both types of cholesterol balanced will help the liver to work well which will reduce the risk of suffering a great number of diseases.


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